• 12/8/20
Disc golf is gaining popularity as a pro sport, as well as for individual play, friendly competitions, and family fun! Did you know Maryland has 48 disc golf courses to visit? Frederick County has even added two new courses to the area just this year. What a great way to check out the amazing landscapes and cities our state has to offer!
Our agent, Gemma Corley, recently picked up this hobby to spend time with her husband (already an avid player), enjoy time outside, and exercise while socially distancing during the COVID pandemic. Here is what she has to say about getting started;
“Throwing a disc is harder than it looks! I expected the disc to fly and land in the basket easily. That was not the case on my first attempt, but it is really fun to try! I typically play 9 holes, which takes about an hour. It’s fantastic exercise walking the different landscapes of the course. Each time I play, I get a little better and it is so satisfying to see my improvement. Luckily, my husband has played for years and gives me tips, but there are so many youtube videos to watch the professionals and learn strategies and techniques. The most enjoyable part for me is spending time getting fresh air with my family. The kids love to join in too! We are fortunate to have a course within walking distance of our home in Walkersville. Just one of the many things I love about where we live.”

So What Exactly is Disc Golf?

Throwing a frisbee into a basket, right? Well, yes and no! The frisbee is called a disc and the objective is to get the disc into the elevated basket with the fewest number of throws. To accomplish this, there are different discs in weights and styles, as well as different throwing techniques. For instance, you can throw a driver from the tee, and putter when you are closer to the basket. Most courses label each hole with the distance to the basket and the number of throws to reach par. Disc golf is similar to golf, but generally, the courses are free and open to the public. Some of our local areas offer league play and join the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The PDGA runs league tournaments with monetary prizes throughout the United States. There are even international leagues!

Where Can I Play Locally?

Courses are located throughout Maryland and the full list can be found here: Disco Golf Scene
If you live near Frederick County, check out the new courses in Emmitsburg and New Market. The New Market course, located in the West Winds community, will soon feature a new restaurant and bar. Perfect for an entire day of fun! Montgomery County has an amazing course located in Seneca Creek State Park. Check out Facebook groups to find local players in your area and get throwing!

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